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This trio’s Hi-energy performances, bone-crushing sound and from-the-gut songwriting put a fresh, contemporary spin on the blues tradition


This powerhouse trio’, is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart of the genre. The songs sizzle with daredevil virtuosity and rock with unrestrained energy, blasting a sound minted in the urban area's south of Florida to the swamps of rural Mississippi during the 1970's into the present, thanks to rumbling guitars and freight train rhythms.

Bassist, Ace Winn’s virtuoso licks and elegantly smooth rock ‘n’ soul voice cuts through any venue.

Along With Mississippi's 

very own Marshall Bailey on lead guitar and Keyboard, hit like a drum.

Last, but not least: Will Neal, is a lead footed freight train. The Neo-Soul/rock drummer has been laying coast to coast and around the world for Grammy award winning artist for over a decade.



    Ace Winn:  Bass and vocals. 

   Marshall Bailey:  Guitar and Keyboard 

   Will Neal:  Drums


The maverick blues and rock n roll supergroup chased inspiration’s tail as they wow the crowds.

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